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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
We are focusing on the school mission.
“Teaching each child individually and personally to improve student progress in academics, social and emotional development.”

In that regard, TFSCS’ major activity is focused on monitoring and tracking student academic progress, social and emotional development and progress.
Let’s work together to achieve student needs and goals, the results of which will advance the cause of everyone in our school.
Vision Statement
Today’s Fresh Start Charter School (TFSCS) was founded by Drs. Clark and Jeanette Parker, who has been educating our children in the community for more than 45 years. As founders of TFSCS, the mission of our school is to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each student will participate responsibly in a diverse and changing world preparing them as “lifelong learners.”
In support of its mission TFSCS ensures that every effort is made:
  • For each student to meet or exceed  “Proficient” according to California State Standards  To achieve the highest level of performance by all staff.
  • To implement an academically stimulating learning environment with challenging curriculum
  • Provide a safe haven and nurturing environment in which students, staff, families, and  community members participate and contribute.
    • To value cultural diversity
    • That policies, structures, services, and resources support the vision, beliefs, mission, and goals of the school
  • The Philosophy of Education for TFSCS is a statement of the beliefs subscribed for the total educational endeavor and as a framework for continuing improvement to excellence.
  • TFSCS is free, quality public education with no tuition charge to the parents.
  • With the mission in mind of every child can learn and becomes a lifelong learner, Today’s Fresh Start
Charter School envisions “a school of excellence.” As such, TFSCS anticipates becoming a WASC accredited school (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). WASC is the institution which accredits schools and universities all over the United States. By becoming WASC accredited, this is a plus for every child who graduates from our eighth grade and moves into high school, which will give more assurance of each child becoming a college graduate.