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The STEM Room - 8th Grade

Welcome to yet another wonderful school year, promising lots of awareness and excitement. We are all getting a "fresh start" this year as we unroll new standards and methods of delivering said standards. We are starting the school year with a new laptop for each student. Our students will only have 2 teachers this year, so half of that time will be spent in The STEM Room...Room 14, with Ms. Carodine. Courses taught will be Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our year is filled with lots of projects as we combine all 4 subjects to solve problems and investigate scientific inquiry. This new website allows parents to view homework for the students and leave private messages for each teacher. Study Island, computer-based intervention, will be available for the students to do extra practice in all subjects. There is no reason we should not have a fun-filled year and remember, special activities are designed exclusively for 8th Grade and we are developing more. Let us make this year educationally fun and memorable!